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Let us know how you can help and join the movement.


We want to welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds to take on the fight, to end extreme poverty in Africa. Project Humanity e.V. has an open-door policy: Everyone who wants to be a part of our work is welcome, regardless of religious preference or race.

Experience The Proof Of Impact

We want to show volunteers that their work is meaningful through proof of impact in the form of data, charts, and photos but most importantly is direct feedback from beneficiaries.

Convenient Scheduling & Task Choices

Between working a regular job and taking care of life’s responsibilities, it makes sense that for people to volunteer, they need a schedule that fits with their other activities. We want to encourage volunteers by working in short shifts and also letting them choose themselves which task they want to perform. 

Receive Career Training 

The desire to give is the core reason most people choose to volunteer. But we also want to give back to our volunteers through giving work-related training in exchange. We can teach volunteers skills, relevant to their career goals. 


How can you help?

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