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A few sudanese christians left Sudan in the early nineties, not knowing that one day their passion to care for the needy and share God's grace - would come true in a later stage in life.


In December 2015, together with a group of friends, they took the leap of faith and established a non-profit organisation called Project Humanity e.V. The newly formed group believes strongly that God has called us to serve others, and in doing so, giving is a major part. God is clear throughout his word, what his feelings are on caring for the needy and we are called to act upon it.


Based on our Christian faith, we believe in serving others as our Lord Jesus Christ gave his life in service to others. Just because someone was born in a certain place should not determine whether that person could die of hunger or of medical conditions that could be treated almost effortlessly. 


Project Humanity e.V. exists to provide food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare for the poorest of the poor in the slums of Africa regardless of religious preference or tribe. We are a Non-Profit organisation. That means that 100% of your donation goes towards fighting extreme poverty in Africa.


We are proud of our volunteers and they are critical to our success in fighting extreme poverty in the slums of Africa. Project Humanity e.V. wants to thank all our volunteers and dedicated people who give selflessly of their time, talent and treasures to be part of this movement. We are looking forward to continue fighting extreme poverty in Africa with your support.

Thank you for making this possible.


Ephraim Eldali


Mirfit Khalil


George Magar

Vice Chairman